Sunday, October 30, 2016

u Vs Me

Jowin is the most interesting man that ive been meet. 
he is different from my Ex that been knowing for my whole life..
there are some similarity between u and me...this entry i would list some of it :P

1) most of people would say our face are similar

2) if we drink coffee, we would feel sleepy

3) both of us love BSB (Backstreet Boys)

4) we used to write entry in blog o FB using uppercase-lowercase mixture for every alphabets in words (one in a million)

5) love to watch movies

6) have same history of our ex

7) we have puffy eyes (apek eyes)

8) im the eldest, u r the youngest (some said eldest-youngest are compliment to each other)

9) been knowing u, i been using my seat belt :P

10) we loooveeee cats!!! (meoooowwww)

11) have same taste in every aspect

12) he had to loove ice cream as im....hahahahahha

:. Abang...if u r reading this, im just want u to know that i LoVE u So Much n i Miss U!! plis be strong sayang...i know u can do it....ive been praying so much for pray will always b with u sayang...i will always support matter wat happen.. 

i will always hold ur hand and wont leave u alone

spending precious time together in I-City Shah Alam

Meeting mama n his brother.....


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